5 for 5

Posted on: 11 February 2012

Valentine’s Day is a special day around our house and not just for all the kissin’ and huggin’ we share! This Valentines we celebrate Sophie’s 5th Birthday. This is a pretty special time of childhood – all sorts of new adventures like beginning Tae-Kwon-Do classes, preparing to start French immersion in the Fall and making a move to do many more “big girl” things around our home and in daily routines. (Note – thanks to Teaching Mamma’s blog for the idea to practice tying shoes)

Here is Sophie’s list of current favourite books – perfect for turning 5 and beginning to see herself as a Reader, as well as story listener/selector:

(1) Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker by Linda Hayward, Illustrated by Tom Brannon
This book features Sesame Street characters and a simple word recognition and rhyming which is supporting Sophie’s book reading efforts.

(2) Paula the Vet by Julia Donaldson – I think we picked this one up in the clearance bin of a book store. With cartoon illustrations, it features lots of animals and again is written in a good rhyming style which Sophie has committed to memory and likes to read to us from memory.

(3) Rain, rain by Maryann Kovalski – Sophie asked to borrow this one from the daycare library overnight and it ended up spending a few days at our home. This is a story Sophie likes to tell about how the weather impacts two girls visit with their Grandma. It includes the familiar children’s song of the same name, which makes it fun.

(4) Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever – There is no denying the appeal of Scarry’s books to children. Sophie received this one on her 3rd birthday and still likes to take it out for a read. I also saw a recommendation for his book Cars and Trucks and Things that Go to encourage interest in reading for boys. We have given this books as several successful birthday gifts!

(5) The Rainbow Magic Fairies series by Daisy Meadows still often have Sophie in their grip (or fluttering wings)! I had sort of hoped we had left Rachel and Kirsty behind, but we always seem to have one of them on the go. Luckily fairy books come in other styles, such as one we borrowed recently called The Mud Fairy by Amy Young. It tells about the special gift that every fairy possesses and how each is unique and need not be the stereotypical fairy gift. In our Disney-dominated world of similarity for girls, this is a refreshing message that deserves several more reads before we return it to the library!

Happy Birthday Sophie! Hope your coming year is filled with many more great stories and reading!

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